Xamarin 3


Xamarin 3 is here

If you don't know about Xamarin and how it allows to write mobile Apps in C#, take a look here. The new version of Xamarin just arrived, and according to our developers, it is a big deal. Why? Well, mostly thanks to Xamarin.Forms.

You see, most of our customers and projects are business-oriented, multi-platform apps. Xamarin has already given us the tools to ease the process, but with Xamarin.Forms, the actual number of days before we have fully functional prototypes on all 3 platforms has, once again, been drastically decreased. 

Xamarin.Forms is a way to develop interfaces that is efficient, native on all platforms (and that is a must) and still allows for whatever level of platform-specific code, if you want to have specific behaviors on each platform.

Furthermore, Xamarin 3 also contains improved UI designers (mostly for iOS), NuGet package support, improved IDE, better multi-platform project management, etc. 

We are ready

Even though Xamarin 3 is fresh news for most users, our team has been working with (some of) it for weeks now. The iOS designer, for instance, has long been part of preview releases, alpha & beta channels. As for Xamarin.Forms, our team is now working with it 24/7, and we already have converted some of our current projects.

What we offer


Further to our standard Xamarin Trainings, we are organizing specific Xamarin 3 sessions, centered on shared code and Xamarin.Forms. Contact us if you are interested, either to join our next public session, or to prepare a custom training for you. 



Development, Consultancy, Advices, Support

With Xamarin 3 as with every other aspect of C# programming, we're here to help. Let us know what needs to be done and we can work with you on your projects. 




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