Optimization and Algorithm Design

Some code requires extra care

When your software is crucial to your business, or when your code is a direct interface with your customers, every second matters. You need efficient and optimized code, with state of the art algorithms. Sometimes you'll even need to solve problems, and design algorithms, that no one has ever considered. 

We have a team of experts, that have not only a deep and thorough understanding of programming approaches, but who are also working with research labs and universities, to provide solutions that are the best known scientific results for your problems. Contact us for specific references. 

What we offer  


Consultancy, Advices, Support

From analyzing your code to designing algorithms from grounds up, we can help you to tackle these challenges. The platform and language are secondary here, our experts are fluent in all widely used languages, from C# to PHP, from Python to Delphi, whether on desktop or mobile platforms. 



Development and Technical work

We have a long-standing experience in tailor-made developments. Would you need us to develop some specific aspect of your software, or simply to discuss with you the optimal angle of attack and analyze your current code, we're here to help. 




Further to all our trainings focused on languages and programming (take a look at our catalog online), we also have specific lectures centered on performance analysis, and code optimization. We have standard lectures for C#-related code in Visual Studio, but we can propose customized trainings depending on your specific language and problems. 



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