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Use C# for all your mobile projects !

There finally is a way to use C#, the programming language we all know and love, to develop mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Windows Phones. The applications can directly be deployed to all major App Stores (Android Market, Apple AppStore, etc).


The magic is provided by Xamarin, a C# Framework and development environment that makes all of this possible. And we, at Synapsis, can help you learn, integrate and master C# + Xamarin.

How it works

Xamarin is based on an open source C# compiler and runtime. But it's more than a compiler. Xamarin is a full set of tools, ranging from a full-fledged development environment, to a uniformized set of APIs, so that the same code base can be used to develop on Windows Phone, iOS and Android using the MVC paradigm.
In practice, you just write C# code and Xamarin tools « convert it » to native code for each platform. Countless testimonials attest that the resulting code is efficient, fast and reliable. It integrates completely with Visual Studio.

Some of the GUI code (the code for the interface and the visual controls) should be customized on each platform, so that the final look-and-feel is in line with what users expect : an iPhone application should not be exactly identical to an Android application. Different platforms have different needs.
But don't worry : even though some code should be platform-specific, most of the code, and in particular all the business logic, can be completely shared between all platforms. And all code, whether specific or shared, is written in C#.

Furthermore, as this business logic is written in C#, you can even share it with, or copy it from, your Windows applications and your ASP.Net projets.

What we offer


Get off to a good start: Synapsis has a portfolio of C# and .Net trainings, as well as Xamarin-targeted and mobile-specific lectures. Take a look at our catalog online. Why would you choose Synapsis? Because our trainings are flexible: we can come and teach on-site, we propose customized trainings and hands-on sessions. Determine what platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows Phone) matter to you, and we'll tell you where to begin.



Development and Technical work

We have a long-standing experience in tailor-made developments in C# (contact us for specific references). We come and study your requirements, write the specifications, and develop the software that exactly fits your needs.
Or we can just provide the extra help that enables you to finish your project on time. You need an extra developer in your team? A project manager to make sure your project is in good hands? We do have experts in C# and Xamarin development, business analysis and project leadership. Just tell us when to start!


ConsultancyConsultancy, Advices, Support

We do have first-hand experience and we are in contact with customers and experts. We are certified Microsoft specialists. So would you have any question, we believe we will be able to either help you, or point you in the right direction.
We even are in direct contact with Xamarin, so if you need help with anything, from licenses to support, just let us know and we'll happily manage the details for you.



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